Fall in love with Hooping.

Hula-hooping, Hooping, or hoop dance is an evolution from the toy we used use to know as children. More than just a toy for play, many adults use the hoop is a tool for fitness, dance, expression, and meditation. Begin your journey with the hoop today and discover just how much the hoop moves you!

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Hoopaholic Cebu is the pioneer company in the Philippines. Shop online and browse through our collection and find out which hoops are best for you!

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Find a hoop class in your city. Join our hooping classes, and learn new and exciting hoop moves. Make new friends, and get to know the people in the flow community.

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Great news, hoopers! We have significantly lowered our shipping fee from Php 250 to Php 150. Take advantage of our flat shipping rates by ordering more hoops!